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Having started in 1992, our journey has continued with the same excitement for 31 years. We become a larger family with tens of thousands of newly born babies every passing day. Hope to see you at our hospital with the cutting edge technology and years of experience

Egg Donation

What is Egg Donation? The quality of the eggs of a woman is significantly reduced after 35 years old. Egg donation occurs when a woman who cannot naturally reproduce is voluntarily given eggs by a young, healthy, fertility-proven woman (donor)…

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Sperm Donation

What is Sperm Donation? Sperm donation or sperm transplantation is an IVF application which is made by using bank sperm (donor sperm) for a couple which cannot have a baby with their own sperm cells (in Azoospermic patients) or which…

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Gender Selection

What is Gender Selection? Also known as gender determination, gender selection is a medical technique which allows the parents to select the gender of their baby. In this technique, only the embryos with the desired gender are transferred to the…

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Tandem Cycle

Under Which Conditions Should Tandem Cycle Be Selected? Tandem Treatment is an IVF process preferred by our patients who have had several number of failed IVF attempts before and want to give the last chance to their eggs. In this treatment, few…

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Embryo Donation

Both egg and sperm cell is needed in order to achieve successful result in IVF treatment. Embryo donation treatment is applied if for any reason there are neither egg cells nor sperm cells. Embryo donation can be applied on married…

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Infertility is the failure to have a baby with unprotected sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week minimum for 1 year. Primarily, the reason for infertility is searched in both the woman and the man. Studies have shown that IVF treatment…

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Egg Donation: A Precious Gift

For egg donation, please fill in the specific application form completely and accurately first.

Due to medical reasons, we cannot accept women weighing more than 80 kg or older than 29 as egg donors. Please do not make an application if you are not suitable for these conditions.

Incomplete application will not be taken under consideration. Remember to add your picture in your application. Applications without pictures will not be taken into account.

We will strictly keep confidential the information you submit to us for egg donation.

We Aim Happy Families with Children

Why Should You Choose Cyprus Dogus IVF Center?

Dogus IVF Center is one of the most experienced centers operating in Cyprus and we are more than happy to be together with you, valuable mothers, fathers and expectant parent for 31 years. In the leadership of Surgeon Şevket Alptürk, we present our valuable patients all kinds of services in modern infertility treatments within the framework of ethical rules through our scientific and advanced infrastructure with the highest success rates.

With its young, dynamic team which is highly knowledgeable in the field of IVF, Dogus IVF Center aims to become the best IVF center in Cyprus in terms of the physical equipment and IVF laboratory quality of the center. The center has managed to become the most preferred IVF center in Cyprus with its IVF treatment prices, patient satisfaction, physicians’ knowledge and experience.

Dogus IVF Center’s aspiration is the patient satisfaction and happiness.

Dogus IVF Center operates in the capital Nicosia / Yenişehir quarter. In addition to normal IVF-ICSI, intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg donation sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, gender selection, egg freezing, p, NextGenerationSequencing (NGS), PGD-M treatments are applied through flexible treatment plans, tailor-made treatment and without waiting time. Also, pregnancy reduction can be made through fetal reduction.

Tailor-made Treatment

Embryology Laboratory in World Standards

Success Rate beyond International Standards


Born Babies

28 Years



Customer happiness

Accommodation and Transportation in Cyprus

Dogus IVF Center offers the patients package prices in flight ticket, transportation and accommodation and we want our patients to concentrate on their treatments only.

When the treatment process is certain, your travel is planned with the flight hours most suitable for you. As soon as your plane lands in the airport, the private chauffeur of our hospital will be meeting you at the door to take you to the hotel. Depending on the options provided, you can determine your hotel and decide on their travel package based on your budget. The transportation between the hotel and the hospital is likewise included in the package during the treatment period. When the treatment is completed, our chauffeur will again take you from the hotel to the airport based on your flight hours and assist in your travel.

Articles from our IVF Center

You can follow all articles and announcements from our center here or through @dogustupbebekmerkezi Instagram page.

What should I be careful about after the embryo transfer?

What should I be careful about after the embryo transfer? is the most frequently asked…

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What is Thalassemia (Mediterranean Anemia)? Thalassemia or Mediterranean Anemia is a genetic blood disease which…

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Klinefelter’s Syndrome

What is Klinefelter’s Syndrome? Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a genetic disease encountered in men. Influencing men’s…

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