What Should I Be Careful About After The Embryo Transfer?

What should I be careful about after the embryo transfer? is the most frequently asked question by our patients. As a response to their question, we wanted to share one of the sample studies with you.

In the past when IVF, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation treatments were applied as test tube baby and donation applications, the patients were required to stay at the hospital for a long time after the transfer. However, the studies done on this field in the recent years have shown that there is no difference between the pregnancy rates of the patients who stay at the hospital for a long time after the transfer and who return their daily life after 1-hour rest. It was found that it was not a normal condition for a healthy woman to stay in bed for a long time and that it increased the patient’s worries and stress and thus adversely affected the result of the treatment. The future mother can safely continue her daily life and work after 1-2 hours rest thereby avoiding excessively heavy loads after the embryo transfer.

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